20031014 - Cache Creek, BC

I came out of the mountains into high desert. I figured that desert would be a great place to camp if I wanted to stay dry, and I do, in British Columbia. After a few false starts trying to find a suitable campground, I came upon Juniper Beach Campground, about 20 klicks east of Cache Creek, BC. I pulled in and asked about hot showers, Internet access, power, etc. They had two out of three. I figured I'd type up some notes while I was getting ready to hit the hay. The attendant, Betty Larkman, said I'd need an adaptor for the 30 amp outlets they had. At that point, a man walked up with an extension cord and said he'd need an adaptor, too, for his Westphalia. Betty indicated she had only one, and I'd just gotten it. I said I only needed it for an hour or so, and he could have it when I was done. He said he only needed it for lights to read after dark. I decided I really didn't need to type up notes and he could just have it. At that point, he said he'd give me a beer for it. Well, I could care less about this damn website when he said that. It was a deal.

That guy came over later with his dog. Here's a picture of David and Abigail. Sure enough, David brought a fine cold beer with him. It was absolutely sublime to sit by the fire, take a break, and have a fine brew. Ahhhhhh. It was pure gravy that it was a nice IPA, too.

David asked about where I was off too next. He said that Victoria, his hometown, should be on my must see list. David was the first of three people who were pretty emphatic about this, so I decided to blow off Vancouver in favor of going to Vancouver Island.