20031008 - North Bay, ON

North Bay turns out to have quite the summertime draw. The ride in is really pretty. That would be one explanation for the absolute explosion in the number of motorcyclists I've run into in the last few hours. They seem a friendly sort. I've had a couple of quick stoplight conversations with folks, mostly from Quebec and Ontario.

I seem to be deep in the heart of "Eh?" country. Virtually every comment ends in "Eh?" as if the speaker is constantly making sure the listener hasn't lost track of the point of the conversation. I'm keenly awaiting the first use of the term "hoser".

I asked about camping in North Bay about 200 km ago. The woman at the gas station went inside and came out with a flier for this place. It's called Champlain Campground. It's a private affair that must really, really piss off the neighbors. It's right at the end of a residential street in an otherwise strapping and affluent neighborhood. It says campground, but I think I'm the only short term visitor here. Most of the porches attached to the RVs have the look of permanence.

Here are some pics of the adjacent Lake Nipissing. I can't help but guess that the name of the lake comes from oft-heard screams of the lifeguards. It was probably shortened from Nipissing, Eh?