20031007 - Quebec, QC

I secured a room at the Best Western Aristocratique son Fon du Lac Allones c'est fon du la Patria Notre Dame du Lordes, or some damn thing. Man, french is a bitch. The rooms are average, but the Internet access is cool. The TV seems to be hosed - all the sound is in french. Did you know someone actually dubs over Wheel of Fortune? Sheesh, talk about shining #^%$.

The desk recommended a place called Le Manoir du Spaghetti, which loosely, is Manure or Spaghetti? I ordered the spaghetti. The dish was called Le Fruit de Mer, and, dude, no snails! Whoooooo! Surprisingly, there was a lot of seafood, very little fruit, and even less horsemeat.