20031019 - 20031027 San Francisco, CA

Jeff McCord, of Leslie and Jeff reknown, took me out into the wine country to show me some of the cool work he's doing with some of the wineries. I got to taste some ripe grapes, some grape juice on the way to becoming wine, and some wine he'd created the previous year. Jeff also showed me some of the secret sorts of things he does to improve wine prior to bottling. That was really cool.

I got to go out on Friday with Bill Moore, Jeff, and Dave Hodges, the head sailmaker from Santa Cruz Sails. He was testing out his latest creations for Bill Moore. It was fascinating to listen to a consumate expert talk about sail shape and performance. Really fascinating.

On Saturday and Sunday we got to go out racing Bill's Express 27 on San Francisco Bay. 160 boats showed up for the race. I meant to take my camera along on both days, but I didn't remember it on either day. Sorry. Let's just say 85 degrees, crystal clear views of San Fran and Alcatraz.

After overstaying my welcome, I checked out the wildfire situation. Highway 15 into Tecate was closed. Jeff recommended I to go to Sedona, by way of Yosemite, instead.